Sunday, November 1, 2009

John's Balls Are In The Dining Room AGAIN!

Original Message:
uh Thanks Johann, it's uh Thursday afternoon, a little after 4:00 o'clock. Good news, I disabled all these uh anti electric magnetic devices and I have uh perfect uh wireless connection both in the dining room uh I can open e-mails and uh and in Greg's room, so that's great but please call me, you may want to reinstall firewall and AVG and other protections so call me when you get back, thanks.
GV Heard:
Hi John, It's Thursday afternoon. Never allow after 4 o'clock. God knows. Try disable Raleigh ocean, Antilock, Derick magnetic devices and I have the perfect wireless connection balls in the dining room. I can open emails and and then Greg throw so I'll ask right up. Please call me, you might wanna wrote the reinstall file on A, B J, how their approval. Protections, so call me when you get back. Thanks.

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