Tuesday, November 17, 2009

You Just Gotta Try Holding On To Those Feces Just One More Time.

What GV Heard:
Hi, I just what I just couldn't get through to do you know the regarding the dispute. I did post you can do that. Hi Steve, $100 and you know they know you're still going to do about that. I need you know as well but but this morning's really. I'm going to be. This is Shirley my money because I'll pick up the paid $40000 in property taxes, hi properties right now. Hey, what's going to later okay. J**** call me back and then there you know it or I wanted to ask you keep. If you do get out already paid off. You know I wanna make sure that if you could update off. Okay, they are you ready to give me a confirmation number, the new A, T, and I'm sure that you paid already, so I don't wanna have any doubts on might because I think you thank you bye so Jesse 9. So I just it. I missed it. I left a message with you. So how much do you need to know any paper did you get here in your IS day. Bye. Yeah, I think that we may have already gotten a lovely, you know the i, i, i really think it you can't get you know so I didn't know that I am just, but you know anything but he's already paid off. Okay, but so I went to the time I went to the pond and I just wanna see if she sees $100 in your account so if you like to place those tickets right away. Otherwise just hitting that you know when the plates out and displayed off right away. Okay. I just wanna see if you can go ahead and get a column just to just and I want to go and so. Also, you know, my view soon as you know where you know what I'm going well. I'm calling about by that, then get one of the hearing anything in California. Anybody who can help me. Yes, since yes until the day. Yes, I don't believe me, so, so I don't get a hold of her feces okay. Hey. Bye. Yes. Okay, so I'll get it is what I wanted to tell you that I want to make sure that well yeah i gotta go to make sure everything is going to have a great day. So I just wanted to tell him I don't know what exactly what time I I have a chance. Bye. Okay, okay, thank you. Since I think this is bye.

Submitted by JV

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